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Nina Ignacio - Product of the Philippines, Tech Career Matchmaker & BBC Earth's Big Fan

Tell us about yourself 😄

Where are you from?

Manila, Philippines

What is your role in TMC this year?

Senior Vice President, Elevate (Skills)

What's a fun fact about yourself?

Nina is not my real name and I've watched every episode of BBC Earth on Netflix.


Pre-MBA Life 🤓

What is your story leading up to the MBA?

I did my Bachelor's degree in Johns Hopkins University and spent most of my career managing data analytics and consumer insights in P&G before trying out development finance focused on Asia Pacific. I also oversee a rehabilitation centre for abused girls in the Philippines who are encouraged to pursue careers in STEM.

Why did you choose to do your MBA? And why LBS?

I wanted to do an MBA to shift into a new sector and to be exposed to more perspectives on global business

As for why LBS, I knew that I wanted:

1) Time to shift into a new sector and try part-time internships throughout the schoolyear

2) A truly global environment to learn more about international business

3) To be located in a city that is the melting pot of different cultures and industries.

What better option than LBS!

Why are you interested in technology / what about technology are you most interested in?

The pandemic exemplified how crucial operations and supply chains are for every industry and the vital role tech has to play not only in delivering goods and services but also in aiding the economic growth of developing countries.


LBS Experience 😎

Describe your LBS MBA experience in 3 words

Eye-opening, entertaining, engaging.

What has been your most memorable experience from the LBS MBA so far?

Besides getting to know my cohort through intimate 6-person dinners, Stream socials, and club events, I've enjoyed travelling to places that are closer to London that we otherwise would not have visited without the pandemic.

What was the most challenging aspect of doing your MBA during the pandemic?

The unpredictability... but since when has life been predictable anyway?

What are your summer 2021 plans?

I interned at Amazon within Pathways Operations. I was working on a project to improve transportation efficiencies between middle and last miles to allow customers across the UK to get more choice at cheaper costs.


Plans Going Forward 🚀

What are your post-MBA goals/plans (in terms of career, life/living etc.)?

I hope to continue working in the supply chain and operations fields within tech.

What's your motto/mindset going into the final year of your MBA?

Hakuna matata!

What do you hope to achieve through TMC specifically this year?

To provide students with as many resources as possible to assist their transition into tech.

Finally, what, if any, advice do you have for incoming LBS students?

Take this time to figure out how to integrate your passions into your career and don't be discouraged if you are pursuing something not many others are.

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