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Mohit Sanwal - leading the shift towards a world where Every Product is Tech-Enabled

Tell us about yourself 😄

Where are you from?

Delhi, India

What is your role in TMC this year?

Senior Vice President, Product (Community)

What's a fun fact about yourself?

Learning tennis has been on my to-do list forever. Finally, this week, I am wrapping up a beginners course at Regent’s park and I absolutely loved it!


Pre-MBA Life 🤓

What is your story leading up to the MBA?

I am an ex-entrepreneur with 6 years of project management and internal consulting experience at energy majors such as Shell and Schlumberger. Prior to this, I had graduated with an engineering degree from IIT Roorkee.

Why did you choose to come to LBS for your MBA?

LBS runs one of the most flexible MBA programs in the world. The opportunity to tailor the MBA experience as per my needs drove me to LBS.

Why are you interested in technology / what about technology are you most interested in?

I am constantly inspired by how every product is becoming tech-enabled, leading to significantly improved offering for the end-user. The InsureTech sector is a great example where start-ups are trying to make the mundane insurance product more value-adding, enticing and affordable for its customers. Moreover, these days we are seeing new start-ups trying to disrupt the not-so-old start-ups. The pace of innovation has changed drastically in the recent years, primarily because of tech advancements, and this is great news for all consumers!


LBS Experience 😎

Describe your LBS MBA experience in 3 words

Diverse, transformative and fun

What has been your most memorable experience from the LBS MBA so far?

Trips throughout the 1st year! (Turkey, Wales, Stream F trip, Scotland and so much more)

What are your summer 2021 plans?

I am working as a Product Manager in an early-stage SaaS company called Quber technologies to develop MarginQube, a revenue optimization platform for the manufacturing sector.


Plans Going Forward 🚀

What are your post-MBA goals/plans (in terms of career, life/living etc.)?

I have always been driven to create new products that solve customer problems and generate meaningful impact. Post-MBA, I would love to work as a Product Manager in a fast-growing start-up in London.

What do you hope to achieve through TMC specifically this year?

Product Management is not a well-established post-MBA career in the UK tech ecosystem at the moment. Through Product-X, a product mentorship program, we are trying to bring about a gradual change in this mindset!

Finally, what, if any, advice do you have for incoming LBS students?

Take some risks as you pursue your MBA! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and playing it safe will probably leave you with more regrets for later.

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