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Matias Menendez - On Loving the MBA, Constantly Iterating in Tech and Having Interesting Alarms

Updated: Sep 15

Tell us about yourself 😄

Where are you from?

Montevideo, Uruguay

What is your role in TMC this year?

Senior Vice President, Elevate (Skills)

What's a fun fact about yourself?

I set my alarms on palindromic numbers (7:27, 8:28, etc) 🤷

Pre-MBA Life 🤓

What is your story leading up to the MBA?

As a curious and proactive mechanical engineer, I have always been excited about building new projects and ventures. After gaining experience as a project manager in a manufacturing plant, I decided to follow my passion and embarked on a two-pronged journey. I joined a social business incubator, where I worked with founders to validate their ideas and built go-to-market strategies. And I funded my own beer company where I gained first-hand experience on sales, operations and how to get from zero to one both B2C and B2B. I later joined a high growth delivery company in LATAM to gain experience at scaling businesses and technology operations both in Logistics and Product teams.

Why did you choose to do your MBA? And why LBS?

I had gain lots of hands on experience on different roles and businesses, the MBA was a key step to both deepen my business management skills and to gain international experience.

I choose LBS for 3 reasons:

1. The diversity of LBS cohort as it enables an amazing multicultural experience.

2. The flexibility of the program as it allowed me to properly tailor my courses with a Tech focus.

3. LBS lives in the heart of London and this enables not only to enjoy one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, but also a tight alumni community in the same city!

Why are you interested in technology / what about technology are you most interested in?

I found in tech a sector where I can take the most of my entrepreneurial but analytical mindset. I am passionate about solving problems in fast-paced environments that require creative problem-solving and collaboration across different areas. Tech, and particularly Product Management, combine this aspects with a constant iteration of engineering, business and customer experience challenges.

LBS Experience 😎

Describe your LBS MBA experience in 3 words

Diverse, Exciting, Enlightening

You were on the TMC ExCo last year as well, is that correct? What was your favourite experience from your time on the ExCo last year?

Yes, I was part of the Elevate team last year (so it's quite exciting to lead the team that I was formerly a contributor/member of!)

In terms of favourite experience, the focus of Elevate 2020 was to scale the program - to that effect, we delivered on scaling the program to 80 mentees and 40 mentors by profiting the online delivery that was required.

What has been your most memorable experience from the LBS MBA so far?

While engaging with Zoom classes was a challenge (I can't wait to go back to class this year!), it is hard to decide a single good memory - the MBA has been a non stop of amazing moments and enlightening experiences 💓

What are your summer 2021 plans?

During the summer, I worked in the launch of an exiting new business in Amazon. I focused on designing the Customer Service solution both for the launch and the long term.

Plans Going Forward 🚀

What are your post-MBA goals/plans (in terms of career, life/living etc.)?

I am exited to continue to develop my career in tech in London!

What's your motto/mindset going into the final year of your MBA?


What do you hope to achieve through TMC specifically this year?

I'm excited to continue to help students transition into tech roles.

Finally, what, if any, advice do you have for incoming LBS students?

Try to embrace ambiguity and enjoy the ride. As Steve Jobs said " You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future".

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