Media Week Agenda

15 - 19 March 2021

Friday 12 March

Big labels, small labels, and everything in between. Pop, rock, rap, country. Barry Weiss has been there and done it all. Join us as we speak to the CEO of RECORDS (a division of Sony Music), former head of RCA/Jive and former CEO of Universal Music East Coast. He's overseen artists like Britney Spears, NSYNC, Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Rihanna and he's here to talk about the intersection of tech and music, what it's like to run a label and the future of the industry. Join us for this pre-Media Week kick-off event!

Monday 15 March

BBC Case Study (1:00-2:30pm GMT)

If you want to know what working at the BBC is really like, don't miss this presentation by Nadia Vinokur from the BBC's Strategy team. Nadia will talk about where the national broadcaster is heading and how its mission and structure are changing. The presentation will be followed by an interactive case study example, similar to those that BBC gives when interviewing candidates, and a Q&A with Nadia.

Phil Heslop, Programme Editor at ITV Sport, is coming in to talk to us about his experience working in live sports production. Phil has worked across a wide range of live sports including football, rugby and darts where his responsibilities include putting together the running order & script and liaising with the presenters. He also oversees global sports production events such as the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan and the upcoming Football European Championships this summer. Phil will be answering your questions on the world of live sports production.

Future of Football Panel (6:00-7:00pm GMT)

The business of the Beautiful Game is going through an unprecedented transition. Huge investment inflows spurred by spiralling media rights deals and an increasingly diverse audience have transformed the game from a national pastime to a global money-making machine. Will the shock of COVID and the empty stands it has forced prove a turning point in this rise, or merely a bump in the road to continued growth? Join us for an expert panel to discuss how clubs, leagues and media partners are weathering the storm and what our game will look like in the next decade.

Tuesday 16 March

The esports boom has hit the mainstream since COVID-19. More than ever, fans and gamers are flocking to Twitch and other streaming platforms to follow (and financially support!) their favourite content creators. G2 Esports is one of the largest e-sports organisations globally, with leading franchises in League of Legends, Valorant and many more. The company's head of esports and director of marketing will join us for a deep dive into the esports business model and how the organization plans to capitalize on this boom in viewers.

DAZN is a global leader in sports streaming. The company started life as a broad-based analytics business, but later evolved into a pure play streaming operator. Join us for a conversation with Alex Sparkes on how the company assesses sports rights and how standalone sports streamers can compete in the intensifying streaming wars.

Esports and gaming are more than just activities to participate in -- they're also becoming big business and attracting increasing amounts of institutional capital. Join us for a chat with Ed Lopez and John Patrick Lee from VanEck, an investment management firm with a specialty video gaming and esports ETF. Hear about why and how the firm entered the space and all about the future of investment in the industry as it matures from a niche sector into the mainstream.

Wednesday 17 March

Join us for a discussion with Andrea Tartaglia, ex-MD Franchise (Brand) Management at Disney, about how Disney blurs the boundaries between the reality and virtual world by bringing the world-famous characters to everyday life. Don't miss out on this event if you would like to learn how Marvel, Star Wars and Disney characters appear on mugs and jewellery, or how Pixar characters raise money for seriously ill children in the UK.

As an MBA student at Cambridge, David Sabel did his dissertation at the National Theatre. What started as his student feasibility study about live-streaming productions transformed into the birth of NT Live and his position as Director of Broadcast and Digital at the beloved British institution. Through his stewardship, streaming became a means of democratizing access to the arts and extending experiences beyond the barriers of the stage. With his own production company, he continues to innovate in the space by exploring the ways in which new narrative forms can arise from digital arenas. Join us to learn how National Theatre Live changed the global theatrical landscape and what David believes the future holds for the performing arts post pandemic.

The cost of a new film ranges from a few bucks to hundreds of millions of dollars. Have you ever wondered who takes on the risk of financing another megabudget film? Or how production companies still survive after several failed movies? Slava Vladimirov, whose company Aperture has produced The Trial of Chicago 7, 1917 and The Zookeeper's Wife, will give a talk about how the movie industry is financed and answer any questions you might have about the industry.

Academy Award winning producer Geralyn White Dreyfous joins The Art & Business Club and Tech & Media Club for a very special Q&A about one of her forthcoming films. Attendees will have access to a sneak peek screening prior to this not to be missed conversation in which you'll hear from one of the most celebrated voices in documentary filmmaking today. As co-founder of Impact Partners Film Fund, Dreyfous pioneered a unique model of equity investing that brings together financiers and filmmakers so that they can create great films that entertain audiences, enrich lives, and ignite social change.

Thursday 18 March

Join us for a conversation with four startups that took up the challenge of surviving, flourishing and sometimes disrupting the music industry. We will be joined by Julian Vogels (technical co-founder of Soundbrenner), Aivar Laan (founder and CEO of FanSifter), David Tshulak (founder of WeJam) and Pascal de Mul (CEO of Exit.Live).

The Music Business Ecosystem (2:00-3:00pm GMT)

Do you know who uploads the music to streaming platforms? How many pair of hands a song goes through before it pops up through your headphones? What percentage of per stream revenue goes to the artist? If you don't know the answer to any of the questions, join us for a talk on the music industry ecosystem by Nancy Tarr, an adjunct lecturer in the Music Industry department at SUNY Oneonta. Nancy will guide you through who does what in the music industry and we'll finish the session with an open Q&A.

A Talk with Sofar Sounds (4:45-5:45pm GMT)

Hopefully you've either heard of Sofar Sounds the business or you've been to a Sofar Sounds gig. These are the people that brought live concerts to the new level, creating secret gigs all over the world and discovering the next generation of music talent. If you're a fan or just curious about the business, join us for an informal conversation with Sofar Sounds founders and employees about the future of their business.

Join execs from major and independent record labels to discuss the role of the modern day record label, and which business roles within each labels are vital to the success of their business. You'll learn that a label does much more than producing records, and bust the myth that all it takes to get signed to a label is getting "discovered" at a show in a pub somewhere. These seasoned strategy executives will explain how they make music profitable for themselves and their artists.

Friday 19 March

Coffee Chats

Join us for a series of coffee chats with LBS alums, start up founders and others who are making it in the world of media. We’ll announce more details on how to sign up for these smaller events in the coming days.

Join us as we speak with Vinay Shenoy, Global Head of Programs, Partner Enablement at YouTube. He'll talk about his experience at YouTube and Google, the content creation and partnership model, and industry trends. Want to know how YouTube chooses its Partner creators? Curious about what it's like to work at YouTube? Always wanted to know what it takes to work in the content creation industry?


Now's your chance to find out with this final keynote event of Media Week!